CG Lifecell launches BiP App to Provide Ease in Information

CG LifeCell Launches ‘BiP’ App in Nepal

Chaudhary Group LifeCell has launched the BiP application, a magazine platform for communication. Nirvana Chaudhary, the director of the company, said the smartphone users could make a video call to 10 people at the same time using the BiP app. Chaudhary also mentioned that BiP app has 3.5 million users worldwide, and can be used for voice calling, messaging, document exchange, foreign exchange rates, weather information, and news.

He said that the app had been brought into use to contribute to the “Digital Nepal” campaign which has been announced by Government of Nepal. He said that the company is committed to providing valuable information to the general public. According to him, the customers can use BiPapp in both iOS and Android operating systems. This app, which is being used in various countries, including Turkey, Germany, can be used by the user by changing the language setting as per necessary.

Mobile Game enthusiasts can download various games for free with this app. BiP app that has features like location sharing and follows can also be used on laptops and desktops. According to the company, the consumers will be able to win various attractive gifts through the surprise points collected via the app. The company has said that the Discovery Channel is also included in the app.

Discovery channel has been localized in this app for the sake of Nepalese users. The most important thing in the technology-friendly era is to convey information systematically. Before leaving your house, you will be able to get information about traffic using BiP app. He added that live sports could also be watched directly from the app and mentioned that soon the company is bringing life-Cell mobile services in operation as well.

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